Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I live on the second floor! I live upstairs from you!

I'm sure the folks over at Luka's in Oakland never get tired of that one. I've wanted to write up this place for a while, after reading a brief but complimentary Karola Saekel review in the Chronicle which did nothing but remind me that these folks are trained to go on for ages about wine lists while a stunning beer list gets no more than a passing mention. Of course, I still haven't been over there, but this article by local beer scribe Bill Brand inspired me to at least telegraph it to my liliputian audience: "proprietor Rick Mitchell promises a tasting of rare Belgian beers every Tuesday from 5 to 8 p.m. Besides the beer, there'll be cheeses from The Cheese Works of Alameda and chartucterie (sausages and similar cold, cooked meats) from Fatted Calf."
Two words: hot damn. Anyone who's familiar with the Cheese Board (and you foodie bloggers can back me up on this one) knows how rawkin' their hawkings are. And as for "rare" Belgian beers? According to Luka's website: "These offerings include diverse, unusual and rare beers such as Westvleteren 12 [holy cannoli!], Girardin Geuze and Fantome White Ghost."
Call for reservations: (510) 451-4677.


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