Monday, July 30, 2007

WTF - Git-R-Done Beer

So I promise that the beerapalooza that is Pfiff! will return full-force in the fall, what with such delicious items to comment on like Toronado's upcoming 20th anniversary party, the bottling, tasting, pairing and cocktail-izing of 10 gallons of oaked barleywine, reviews of the delicious bounty of Spanish-titled, cat-emblazoned, pirate-themed Belgian ales from the East Coast, and so so much much more more... But until then, let us meditate on the deeper meaning of this: Git-R-Done beer. No, really. I couldn't find an image online of the bottle (can?) label, so I thought this would pretty much sum it up:

Until later... Off to Montana in a few days to relax and imbibe some Big Sky goodness. Hopefully I'll have some moose/bear/marmot themed beerverages to comment on upon my return.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New link - Drink A Week

Crocked compadre Alex aka Sifl aka "the other thin white Duke" has gone and rejoined the boozeblog brigade (noticeably picking up my slack, I might add) with his new Drink A Week site. In honor of his new quest in alco-alchemy, I'd like to share with you this classic lager-tinted cocktail that's the result of dashing a bit of the hard-to-find Picon bitters (or you can cheat with the Torani stuff) into a tall glass of cold pilsner, the Picon bière.