Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday linknibbles - patience and payoff

Still no flowers.

Brewing is an exercise in patience, but with potential great rewards at the end of the day. From around the web this past week:

- Start off with a homebrew recipe from the man who practically coined the phrase, "homebrew recipe" - a Belgian dubbel courtesy of Charlie Papazian.

- Once you've slammed the cork and twisted the cage on some nice 750mL bottles of that dubbel, consider playing along with this cellaring experiment that's already revealing some surprise results.

- While you're waiting, head out to some great pubs and go find the mopey guy who appears halfway through the post, and maybe sing him an upbeat song or something. Perhaps a rousing verse of Hoppy Head?

- If you need to nurse your wounds following the beer-inspired techno onslaught, why not swing by your local beer importer for help working your way through this top 10 Belgian beer list I've been eying (not to be confused with this list of top 10 Belgian beer names).

- For which you'll undoubtedly need some nice glassware.

- At which point, thanks to this reminder from Alan, you can sit back with a classic bit of 90's sketch comedy while you sip your tipple and wonder who exactly prefers those icky alco-pops anyway.

Enjoy your weekends, all!



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