Friday, April 22, 2005

Beer law archaeology

In a country where alcohol was illegal less than a century ago, it's always curious discovery time when folks go digging through old beer laws (which, not surprisingly, the Interwebâ„¢ is rife with). Apparently, it hasn't stopped people from dusting them off and trying to enforce them now and again, either. Most recently, the mayor of Duluth, Minnesota unearthed a 15-year old state law proclaiming that if "public buildings are going to serve beer, they must also offer the option of Minnesota brewed beer", which probably sounds pretty bitchin' to the Minn-craft brewing scene, and rather unrealistic to your average 7-11 owner.
The article continues to exclaim: "This may pose a problem for events like Grandma's Marathon." Of course, it doesn't say why. Maybe Grandma's a teetotaler. Or maybe, unlike folks out here, they haven't yet discovered the joys of drinking and marathon running.
Let's just hope they leave it at reinstating goofy post-Prohibition laws rather than going all the way back to (gasp! no!) the days of soft apple cider. Happy Friday, everyone!


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