Monday, April 11, 2005

Reward offered!

rob: so unibroue now makes an ephemere with cassis
des: oh!
des: yom!
rob: we must find it
des: yeah!
And so the quest began. At the whim of bitter gods and unruly continental distribution networks, we struck out to scare up a bottle of this elusive nectar. Heir apparent to the light yet stunning blend of Belgian ale and apple cider Éphémère, Unibroue has unveiled this version with the addition of black currant. In such an assuredly champagne-like ale, this version sounds like it could easily become the beergeek's kir royale. But I can't find it. Whoever can find me a bottle will get a big, honking, whoopdedoo, wowsers, excitingly huzzah reward that I haven't quite figured out yet. Of course, if nobody finds it in Northern California, I guess I can always drown my sorrows in a Lindemans Cassis. Rumor has it there's a cranberry version, somewhere, out there, as well...


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