Thursday, April 07, 2005

Almost worth it

If you can handle the frat party atmosphere, the bridge 'n tunnel alcoholics [like me!], and the Marina - untucked! - vibe of the affair, you might as well take a hike down to the San Francisco International Beer Festival. Do like the locals do: come in your best pajama bottoms and search out the beer with the highest percent of alcohol - then yell as loud as you can to tell all your friends!
For all the abuse we heap on this obnoxious little event, it's worth nothing that the visitor who peeks in the dark corners of the room for special treats will be duly rewarded. But if you're like us, you might be best off saving your hard earned $55. Instead, consider packing your camping gear and spare liver and meet us up at the real brewfest in May. Compared to the spazfest that the SF party inevitably is, the Boonville Beerfest is a slow lope'n a beeson tree. Or something.


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