Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Hop crop, pt. 3

Disaster strikes! While our Santiam and Kent Goldings have been progressing admirably, considering the subpar number of hours in direct sunlight, it's been our beloved Willamette who's really been shining. However, while delicately attempting to train the boldest bine the other day, I accidentally snapped (!) the end of the vine. One frenzied InterWebâ„¢ search later, it seems there's little I can do but hope that a secondary vine decides to sprout laterally near the broken stem and proceed along the proscribed path.
Of course, I'd love any advice you blogsurfing horticulturalists might have for repairing/grafting hop bines. As it stands, the information on the web seems focused primarily on the somewhat bizarre notion of trying to disguise marijuana plants by grafting them onto hops, thus creating a superpowered hemphop hybrid... Ahem.


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