Thursday, August 18, 2005

Beer abroad

Lest anyone think I've run out of beery things to chat about, let me explain that the recent dearth in postings was due in part to recovering from a pretty rough year with some time off spent in the forested wilds of northern Montana. And don't you worry - there's beer up there, too.
The ubiquitous Moose Drool aside, there is another brewery catering to the greater Kalispell-Whitefish-Polson megatropolis worth mentioning. Lang Creek Brewery (pictured above) is noted not so much for their pleasant but unamazing American takes on the pale, amber, blonde, and wheat beer styles, as they are for their claim as "America's most remote brewery." And, as rumor has it, the brewery's for sale. So, if you're an amateur pilot with a hankering for taking over a 13-barrel brewery and need some peace and quiet for that manifesto you've been meaning to write, Mr. Campbell might have a deal for you.
On a side note... In what's perhaps the strangest regional twist on fruit-flavored beers, breweries in the glacier region of northern Montana seem quite drawn to the huckleberry (yes, as in "hound" or "Finn"). I can't speak highly of the addition, as in the beers I got to sample, the huckleberry addition was made in a juice form, post-fermentation and pasteurization. Ick. I did, however, read Jeff Sparrow's *wonderful* Wild Brews whilst soaking my toes in Flathead Lake, a phenomenal tome on the intricacies of brewing without the aid of brewer's yeast, so the concept of a huckleberry lambic was never far from my thoughts...


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