Tuesday, June 21, 2005

New (to me) mixed (beer) drink

Upon questioning a local bartender within a somewhat swank restaurant whether he had any recommendations for an obscure, bitter, appetite-rousing drink, I was introduced to the Blue Collar Kir. Also known more suavely as Picon Biere, it's simply a tall pilsner served with an ounce of Amer Picon, a French bitters made from cinchona bark, cucacao orange, gentian, and some other assorted medieval-sounding ingredients. Appropriately named, it comes off like the riding lawnmower version of a Campari and soda - bitterly refreshing, yet delightfully chuggable. Not that I would, though, seeing as I can't find Picon anywhere... So if any of you out there have a French connection, please let me know.


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