Friday, November 18, 2005

No, it's the artist currently known as...

And the answers to today's "who's drinking what" quiz are:
a: Charles is saying "hopalicious!" whilst enjoying a fine pint of Lagunitas' IPA.
b: Camilla's quaff of choice at teatime is Anderson Valley Brewing Co.'s Boont Amber Ale.
Granted, the impetus of the royal visit earlier this month was to investigate the organic food movement so prevalent in the Bay Area, but fact is there just ain't much organic beer, even 'round here. Had they been rigorous in sticking to the "local and organic" theme of their visit, I might have suggested the following:
Butte Creek: A decent all-around organic line of beers from Chico, home of Sierra Nevada and a state college quite renowned for it's beer-drinking capacity. If anything, try the holiday cranberry ale with the creepy Santa on the label for something... different.
Bison Brewing: From Berkeley, I can't imagine much going better with gourmet ghetto grub than a glass of their chocolate stout. And again, maybe Camilla would like to try the gingerbread ale if she was in the mood for something... different.
Eel River: "Behind the Redwood Curtain", indeed. Maybe their porter would appeal to Charles' inner Victorian-era Londoner.
Of course, it's too early to really tell what the organic brewing movement has in store, but in the meantime, it's fiar to say that the big couple made a pair of wise decisions in terms of sampling some local classics. Bahl Hornin'!


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