Friday, August 04, 2006

An Inconvenient Brew

In case you haven't heard, summer is hot. Yup, it's true. As the Earth rotates on a tilted axis ('m not making this up), the angle of the sun to the Earth changes significantly throughout the year, creating "seasons", one of which is called "summer", which has anecdotally been known to be - on average - warmer in temperature than the other ones. It would seem, however, that thanks to a little film about said hotness we've got a little media vacuum in every day's front page news finds even gritty New Yorkers crying about how hot it is. Oh, and humid, too - they like to complain about that as well.

Just in time: global warming beer. "Staffed by indigenous Greenlanders and located some 390 miles (625 kilometers) south of the Arctic Circle, Greenland Brewhouse is the world's first Inuit microbrewery." So what to do when the Earth's ice caps are melting at an alarming rate? It's the lemon=lemonade equation for the modern drinker: water=beer.

How does it taste? "Different." Arguably, you drink it to distract yourself from the nasty mess our planet is in, but at 5.5% abv, you're gonna need to drink quite a bit of it...



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