Saturday, February 24, 2007

Black and tan and beer for dessert

It must be St. Patrick's Day branding season already.

Black and tan for the new dad. Whoo.
I don't know why, but this new ice cream flavor that in all respects is trying to emulate one of the finer fireside pub quaffs of British-emulating Americans (complete with layered strata and cream head) also brings to mind memories a summertime treat that can't be beat: Tokyo Fog.

A discovery made in college by a friend who had gotten his hands on a 1960's "bachelor-style" cookbook (something for the boys and a little something special for the ladies), there isn't a lot to be said about Tokyo Fog that can't be summed us thusly, but it would be a treat if we could get a scan of the decidedly Lileksian recipe book posted online. [Merchant, are you out there?]

Of course, merging the flavors of beer and ice cream is nothing new. Even our local pub serves up a "porter float" (although I'm quite taken with this Leffe version). But while the Irish press is up in arms over an ice cream that they'll likely never see isle-side, they get to enjoy this while we Yanks cry in our Americone Dream... Just be careful we don't get all riled up and try to serve it to one of your cats.



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