Thursday, November 09, 2006

And now, your moment of zen.

Sometimes, when a long, hard day at work has whittled away at your reserve, exhaustion and frustration rending your soul adrift on tumultuous waves of anxiety and fear, and your mortal coil wound tight with existential ennui, you need something of peace and oneness to relieve your stresses and re-center your core with the ancient and timeless wisdom inherent in the simple, subtle, yet fathomless beauty of haiku.

Beer haiku.

Clear your cluttered mind with some examples of these daily tokens of truth:

after the pitchers
I manage to say nothing
loudly and often

For some it's half full
for others it's half empty
I just want one more.

as long as there's beer
you will never feel lonely
though maybe alone


Drink with me brothers
It’s time to forget the past
and make new problems.

If you're feeling the pulse of intergalactic chi aura rushing through your beer chakra now, maybe you need to outfit your dog in some karma-catching caninewear.



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