Saturday, April 28, 2007

WTF - Yerba mate beer

John, this one's for you... Springing up in all the appropriate shopping venues lately (read: places that sell bulk organic spelt flakes and fair trade buckwheat grouts) is this latest spin (read: gimmick) on herbal beers: Mateveza. Get it? Yerba mate + cerveza = mateveza. But I can only tease so much, since it is caffeinated, and it does happen to be brewed by a local (Chico!) brewery that's been waving the organic brewing flag for a loooooong time. And yes, of course, I'll inevitably try it at some point, guaranteeing them at least one more 6-pack off the shelf. I just can't imagine it'll have a spot on that shelf for very long. If only the bottles suggested you drink it through a bombilla in the same way Belgian ales suggest tulip glasses...

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Blogger quetzlcloth said...

Ok, damn, I'm actually sitting here with my gourd while reading this thinking: Dumb! One of the most seemingly popular sodas in Berlin is a mate-based beverage which is absolute, unadulterated shite.

Coffee's good too, and coffee beer is just terrible.

Still, lemme know how it tastes. :)

4:09 AM  
Blogger Joshua said...

Actually, this beer has a good color and aroma, with only a hint of mate. Of course, mate isn't really that bitter and doesn't seem to give too much flavor to the beer, which makes me wonder what's the point. However, it is a good tasting beer.

2:31 PM  

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