Thursday, December 20, 2007

From the ashes, and stuff!

After a bit of a beerblogging hiatus (and what better word? "Latin, from hiare to yawn"), we here at Casa Pfiffa hope that the hallucinagenic inspiration that the holiday's gluttonous overindulgence can provide will be the catalyst for some more regular installments here. Until that magic happens, however, I'd be remiss if I didn't pass along this nugget of wisdom from kind reader Michael, aka Horsecore (!) aka Demonseed (!) in regards to a little treasure hunt I initiated many moons ago. In response to this blatheringly pleading post from April of 2005 (here's to the glorious eternal nature of blogs!) regarding the most hircine of ales, Michael writes:

I happened upon this ale quite by chance at a well known wine merchant in Pleasanton, California. I took a bottle home and was REALLY impressed with it. I understand that the ale is only made once or twice a year and in very limited quantities [he later emailed me to say: "The guy that makes the ale actually bottles around 600 bottles a month (I must've been thinking of a different ale that's done in limited quantities)." Still sounds limited to me!]. All of the production and bottling takes place on the brewers goat farm. The store is called The Wine Steward in downtown Pleasanton. The ale it tucked away in the back of the store on the bottom shelf of their white wine/champagne cooler. Not many ale drinkers shop there if you haven't guessed. They currently have two bottles, one of which I plan on buying as a gift today. If you're anywhere near the SF Bay Area and liked the ale well enough to make the trip I'm sure it'll be there for a while.

He included some related links worth checking out as well, here, and here, which lead me to find out there's actually 10 bottles of the stuff sitting on a shelf in SOMA right now... To be continued!



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