Saturday, February 09, 2008

Forget the hops, free the malt!

I've never had any reason to feel one way or the other about Alabama. I mean, they've gone ahead and admitted (albeit in 2007) that the whole slavery thing was pretty unfortunate, and heck, we'd be without Muscle Shoals if it were not for the Yellowhammer State. But alas, the heart of Dixie is also a heart of darkness, one that is ruled quietly by a shadow government called Anheuser-Busch. At least, that's the impression you'll likely gather once you read this. Sadly, it appears that Alabama is enjoying its reputation as the last state in the union (sound familiar?) to limit beer container sizes to one pint per unit, and with a ABV of at most 6%, which severely limits the variety of ales and lagers available to the good people of Birmingham, leaving them with - you guessed it - more Bud Light than you could ever possibly want.

Thankfully, Free the Hops (or Alabamians for Specialty Beer) is working towards a solution, not only by pushing for a change in legislation, but by calling for a boycott of their biggest obstacle, the lobbyists working for Birmingham Budweiser. If you agree that they're being denied some of the brewing world's most carefully crafted and greatest treasures, not to mention some of the very best beers made here in the US, go on and help them out.



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