Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Absence makes the hops grow fronder

It's heartening to know that despite my absence over the past month, Pfiff! readership has continued to clip along at a reasonably regular pace. Likewise, it's heartening to see that despite my inattention in the garden lately, the hops are diligently following their own course of nature by whatever means available.

We'll be returning to quasi-normalcy soon.


Blogger Adam said...

Well, I for one am happy to hear that.

Did anyone ever compare you to a lamp. You know, that thing that you don't really spend much time thinking about until it isn't there ;-)

I shan't take you for granted again.

8:28 PM  
Blogger Mario (Brewed for Thought) said...


My first hop shoot died and has shown no additional shoots pop up since Boonville. My second shoot still sits maybe an inch tall and refuses to grow.

Maybe I'll ignore them.

9:25 PM  

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