Thursday, March 10, 2005

Ahh... Only in Belgium!

Must... tell...others... ... It's!
Maybe you've noticed a new beer making the rounds in your local grocery. Maybe you've been in the Belgian section of BevMo and seen shrink-wrapped six packs of a different witbier next to the Hoegaarden and thought, hmm, I wonder why it's only $6.99? So you do some quick research online, and find out the following about this mysterious brew they call Wittekerke:

More interestingly (here's the "only in Belgium" moment), it turns out that the beer is the complete fabrication of a Flemish soap opera by the same name. That's right: there's a tv show called Wittekerke, and they have a beer that has transcended the mystical ethers between fakeyland and your local liquor store. And you say you're a big fan and want to visit the brewery? You may just have to settle for Bavik, because the town of Wittekerke doesn't exist, either. And why's it so cheap? Seems to be a result of being a) sold in cans, b) aimed at undercutting the more well-known (and somewhat pricey) Hoegaarden here in the States, and c) not very exciting.


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