Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The big just keep getting bigger

I should have tilted my glass.
I should have tilted.
I have to be careful ImBev doesn't come and try to buy my garage, too. You'd think they'd at least teach the chiefmeister how to pour a drink for their "we ownz you dood" press conference. It'll eventually dawn on me that I should stop harping on the Belgian megabrewing industry (but c'mon, how fun is it to tease A-B?) when they eighty-six me from the country, but in the meantime I do have to wonder what the effect on the European beer market is going to be as the mergers continue. The mid-megabrewers are consolidating at an amazing pace, shutting down such brewery archetypes as Berliner Kindl in the process. The PR response? "Europeans don't want as much beer as they used to". Alcopops are apparently all the rage (do they have B-to-the-E there yet?), thus supposedly spelling doooooooooom for all the little local privatbrauereis out there tapping pints for the townsfolk. But hey - in Great Beers of Belgium, Michael Jackson writes of fruit lambics as being the alcopops of the beer world. Can Frank Boon save the day for beer?! Find out next time!


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