Thursday, June 09, 2005

Celebrate life's precious moments with beer

As the weekend nears, and the (hopefully) last rainclouds of the season scuttle towards the horizon, the same crew that donated its valuable time to form a wedding beer tasting panel last February will reunite to celebrate the first result of that experiment - the newly minted Sonoma Solstice Hefeweizen. Let's just hope it meets with the happy couple's expectations...
And why not allow beer a position of ceremonial importance? Consider that the origin of the term nowadays most commonly followed by the word "shower" (although probably not with this in mind) has its roots in an ale that was traditionally made by the bride's party before a wedding. And, the source of the term bridal is just one of the charming (and probably inaccurate) etymological tales relating to brewing and marriage, when you also consider that the origin of the word honeymoon also relates back to a ceremonial post-nuptial mead.
I guess if you're a brewer, though, you probably come up with as many excuses as possible to mash together a batch for each of life's special occasions. Really, now - is there anything that can't be said or any day that can't be celebrated with an honorary tall cool one? I think not.


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