Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Last, unfortunately least

It's regrettable that there just isn't much good to say about it, but I figure it's only fair to comment on the third installment of Unibroue's Éphémère series as I've already made such a big to-do about the other two. Simply put, the cranberry version of this wheat/fruit hybrid ale is less than exciting. Unlike the other two (apple and cassis), it tastes decidedly artificial in its flavoring. The slightly tart, hazy wheat foundation is there, but the cranberry overtones were just a bit off. I said that the Éphémère cassis was the beer world's kir royale - this one is the beer world's happy hour cosmo.
Sad, truly. Much like my camera battery dying when I took the above photo, it's not the most pleasant way to end the series. But on a positive note, there's a batch of new releases coming down from the great white north's answer to Ghent in the coming months, and I'd be shocked if they weren't worth raving about as the vast array of Unibroue releases usually are. Until then!


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